Care & Maintenance

Granium Solid Surfaces are durable as well as repairable that will last for many years with simple care. Follow these instruction to preserve your Granium solid surface products.

1. Everyday Care

Clean your Granium solid surfaces with a damp cloth or sponge. In areas of hard water, make sure to dry with soft cloth or paper towels to avoid spotting.

2. Basic Stains

Use household glass cleaner or commercially available ammonia based products.

3. Stubborn Stains and Minor Scratches

Granium offers a range of finishes and every surface requires a unique cleaning regimen

  • Matt Finish: Scrubbing in a small circular motion with a wet sponge and an abrasive cleanser provides the desired results
  • Satin Finish: Light scrubbing in small circular motion with a wet sponge and an abrasive cleanser over stain or scratch. Rubbing hard may reduce gloss so care must be taken
  • Gloss Finish: It is a more sensitive surface so it requires more care than Matt or Satin finishes. Spray a non-abrasive product over stain and wait for a couple of minutes. Then, scrub in a small circular motion with a wet sponge. After this, rinse with clear water and wipe dry with a soft cloth or paper towels to prevent spotting. If stain persists, contact your certified fabricator/installer for assistance

Note: Please contact your certified fabricator/ installer if you are uncertain which type of finish is applied to your Granium solid surface. DO NOT attempt to repair deep scratches, chips or burns.


4. Preventing Damage

Minor damage that may accidentally occur is most often repairable by a Granium certified fabricator/installer or repair expert. However, be sure to follow these guidelines to prevent damage to your Granium surface.

Heat: Granium solid surfaces have excellent heat resistant properties, but placing hot pans and other heat-generating appliances can damage the surface. Always use rubber pads to protect against extreme temperatures.


Chemicals: Strong chemicals, paint removers and oven cleaners can harm your Granium surface. If exposed, the surface should be flushed with water.


Scratches: Never cut or chop directly on a Granium solid surface, always use a cutting / chopping board.


Fractures: Avoid standing on counter tops or dropping heavy objects on the surface.

For more detailed information, please contact your Granium dealer or visit us at E:- info@granium.com, W:- www.granium.com