What is Solid Surface? Solid Surface is artificial stone with natural fillers mainly used for Countertops and Wall paneling .

What is PMMA in Solid Surface? Polymethyl Methacrylate or PMMA is acrylic based resin or synthetic polymer which allows a Solid Surface Sheets to thermoform – i.e. , it can be heated , bent to a new shape and cooled without any loss of its performance characteristics .

What is ATH in Solid Surface? Aluminium TriHydrate or ATH or Al(OH)3 is the filler in Solid Surface with excellent chemical and stain resistance, excellent water resistance, hard enough to give superb impact-resistance but soft enough to be machinable and fire-retardant.

What is the composition of Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface? MMA & PMMA – 35% - 38% ATH – 58% - 61% Pigments & Additives – 4%

Do some colours are more durable than others? No, although lighter colours show less scratches or dirt and require less maintenance than bright and dark colours.

What is best way for daily care of Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface? It can be wiped using soap and water however commonly used glass cleansers are best to keep Granium surface clean and shiny.

How to repair a scratch or cut on Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface? Light Scratches and cuts can be buffed away with light duty scrubbing pad and a mild abrasive cleaner. For major Scratches and cuts, sand the surface with the use 240 grit sandpaper attached on a sanding block until the scratch disappears. Be sure to feather out the area so no low-spot is left on the surface, next restore the finish by using a mild abrasive cleaner with a light Duty scrubbing pad.

Will Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface over time? No, because the material in non-porous, stains are not able to penetrate the material. Any superficial staining over time can be removed easily by using a household scrubbing pad.

Are Granium - Acrylic Solid Surfaces hygienic? Yes, Granium Solid Surfaces are inherently non-porous, with smooth impenetrable seams. Unlike other surfaces like laminates, tiles, granites or marble, Solid Surfaces have no grout lines or ridges or grooves to trap dirt and germs. So smooth surface of Granium Solid Surface makes it easy to clean, further the slabs of Granium solid surface can be fabricated as one continuous surface to further reduce areas for bacteria to grow.

Can hot pans be directly put on Granium – Acrylic Solid Surfaces? We do not recommend putting hot pans or hot utensils directly on Granium solid surface as high temperature or flame may damage the surface, yet in most cases, damages are repairable. To protect the countertop surface, always use a heat pad or trivet or put stainless steel heat rails near stoves where hot pans can be put directly without worry.

What are the Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface advantages over Granite, marble or Tiles countertops? If granite, marble or tiles are not properly sealed regularly, it can be easily stained and hold bacteria and other germs through its porous surface. Granium – Acrylic Solid Surfaces are more impact resistant than them plus you can thermoform it to use for any curved or circular designs making it one of the most versatile products for interior applications.

What are the Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface advantages over Laminates countertops? Laminates are pressed paper glued to some type of wood and has high water absorption ratio. Overtime, due to moisture and loss of adhesion of the glue, the laminates tends to peel off or chip off. Also stains or scratches on laminates are non-repairable unlike Granium Solid Surfaces.

What are the accessories required to install Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface? Apart from the Solid Surface sheets fabricator has to use matching Joint Adhesives. Mixing tube and Dispensing guns are required for proper workmanship. All accessories are available with your nearest Granium dealer or contact your local company representative for further information.

Can you match any other colour apart from regular colour chart? Yes, we can match most of the colours or patterns available in Solid Surface industry. After receiving your samples we will provide you nearest matching colour samples for approval. Once approved we would require minimum 60 days to deliver customize colour Solid Surface sheets.

Can you provide customize width for Granium - Acrylic Solid Surface? Yes, with MOQ and delivery lead time we can provide you customize width of – 930mm, 1220mm, 1370mm and 1520mm. For More details contact your local Granium representative.