About Us

Granium is brainchild of Aludecor. The experts associated with this leading aluminium composite panels brand have put their best efforts, expertise and resources to launch a new wave of advanced lifestyle in the form of Granium Solid Surfaces and Granium High Gloss Acrylic Panels. These revolutionary products have the essence of credibility as they come from the house of a leading brand in the country. Aludecor is known for quality and excellence of its products for decades. Company's focus has always been to travel beyond boundaries to bring in newness, beauty and luxury to the products.

Granium products are modern day approach for building long lasting, highly polished and luxurious surfaces. Style is the central element for both Granium Solid Surfaces and Acrynate. While, Granium Acrylic Solid Surface has its application as kitchen slabs, bathroom sink, counter tops, retail store counters or interior decors for residential and commercial areas, Acrynate serves its purpose for modern furnitures, closets and other interior applications which helps in creating splendid interior spaces. Both Granium Acrylic Solid Surface and Acrynate unifies seamlessly with aesthetics, hygiene, style and quality appeal of the space.

Granium products can be used in buildings and spaces, where interior specifications are rigorous. Airports, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. are perfect examples of projects with strict specifications yet with a need of rich artistic appeal.


Completely flexible and seamless, Granium is the perfect choice for all modern luxury and style oriented expectations. Wide range of colours, textures, shapes and sizes, both Granium Acrylic Solid Surfaces and Acrynate can turn your architecture into a perfect castle of modern times.