About Us

isoISO 9001-2008 certification
ISO 9001-2008 certification is provided to the companies, which are able to showcase constant fulfillment of environmental standards of company and stick to all the norms, while meeting the customer requirements. This certification is encouraged to protect environment damage and better quality management systems. With its excellent abilities to fulfill all the pre-requisites for the certification, Granium is now an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

nsfNSF certification
NSF is an international non-government organization, promoting the standards of quality and purity in the consumer goods. It certifies the standards of food, water and other consumer goods on the scale of quality. It encourages safer living of people and promotes companies for better risk management process. Granium and its series of solid surfaces are certified with NSF certification, which increases quality and value of our products.

greenGreen Guard certification
The Greenguard Environmental Institute is a nonprofit organization, which works independently to protect human health and quality standards of life. Its focus remains on enhancing the air quality level of indoors by reducing the level of chemicals and other polluting elements. Granium holds this certification defining its environment friendliness and care towards its customers.

issaf ISSFA certification
Focus of ISSFA has always been on serving health and economic benefits to the society. It focuses on quality manufacturing of solid surfaces to ensure sustainable quality. By updating our standards to match with the standards of ISSFA, Granium is now certified with ISSFA certification.