• Kitchen Table Top
  • Kitchen Shutters
  • Drawers
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Utensil Stand

Kitchen is heart of your home and we want it to be perfect. Granium is designed to infuse unique, completely aesthetic and amazingly polished surroundings to your kitchen. Explore from a vast spectrum of colors, supreme flexibility to match if every shape of design you imagine. Granium being an eco-friendly, non-porous and completely hygienic material, it fits the best to your kitchen's requirement. They are easy to clean and don't need any specific detergent. Abundance is something, which you will find when you begin to explore features of Granium solid surfaces.

For commercial hospitality businesses, a functionally appealing kitchen is the backbone. Things go balanced with beautified and balanced surroundings. We understand this and thus, bring in the best of Granium solid surfaces at your service. East to clean and easy to maintain, lets your master-chefs cook finger licking good food to please your customers.

Pick any of the shades, textures, shapes and styles or get them customized to add warmth, appeal and luxury to your kitchen.